History of Dragmor Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) goes back to the year 1947 when, shortly after the World War II, there was established in Gdansk Dredging and Underwater Works Company. The core activity of the company was dredging and hydrotechnical works.

After the political system transformation in Poland, the company Dredging and Underwater Works “DRAGMOR” was transformed in 1991 into the state- owned Limited Liability Company. All shares in the company were then contributed to the National Investment Funds. In 2001 the majority stake in Dragmor was acquired by one of the companies belonging to The GREMI Group - Krakowskie Centrum Inwestycyjne S.A. (Krakow Investment Centre).

Over the long period of time dedicated to dredging and hydrotechnical works, the company entered into numerous contracts in Poland and abroad (among the others in Lithuania and Kazakhstan). In 2005, as a result of observations and trend analysis regarding the dredging sector, the strategic investor decided to withdraw entirely from the dredging market. This decision gave rise to the series of transactions which eventually resulted in the sale of the company’s assets. In the mean time the head office of Dragmor was moved to Krakow.
  Presently, the main activities of the company are connected with broadly defined investments, including those to be carried out abroad. On of the foreign markets where the company intends to be active is Brazil.

The company has in its portfolio numerous contracts encompassing works completed on the territory of Europe and Asia where, apart from dredging works, Dragmor was also performing complex hydrotechnical and hydrographic services including preparation of batimetric maps.
Dragmor’s Underwater Works Unit were specialized in underwater works consisting in removal of navigation obstacles. As a part of duties being performed by Dragmor, the company many times had been facing sunken shipwrecks which resulted in gaining extensive experience in lifting them out of the water and then utilizing. Dragmor has always been paying attention to environmental issues and meeting all safety standards, which is proved by ISO and AQAF certificates.
The company has access to experienced and highly specialized staff who carried out dredging works in ports of Klaipeda, Aktau and Famagusta.